Chairperson Wanted

What is a Chairperson?????

  • A chair person is a parent volunteer who takes the lead in organizing an event. If you’d like to chair with another parent, co-chairs are also welcomed!

    Who can be a chairperson??

  • Any parent/guardian of a student who is interested! If you have ever planned a birthday party you are qualified!!! J  The chairperson will be backed up by other parent volunteers helping with the event as well as the PTO board who are available 24/7 with a detailed list of the to-do’s and how-to’s that will make the process fun & fulfilling.

    How can I contact the PTO Board to inquire on chairing one of the PTO sponsored events this year?

  • Email us at:
  • Call or text Melissa Williams: 586-630-7838 to discuss the openings available for 2016-2017